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Top 10 Benefits of a Breakup!

Breakups are hard…to stay encouraged is even harder.  Even if for the right reasons, a breakup can leave you lonely, empty, and thrown entirely out of your comfort zone. As well as we know, it is important to be strong but this question begs concern – why can’t breakups be easy? Like a pleasant conversation in the park and a farewell before dark.  

Yeah…I know, wishful thinking. However, what this breakup has brought me was a learning experience.

What are the benefits of leaving a time invested relationship that seems to be showing red flags in the beginning, in the middle, or in the end – BEFOREMARRIAGE?
Well… here are 10 reasons
1.Know that it is okay to discover your likes and dislikes a.Dating is dating, it is getting to know someone. You can become attracted to a person right off but it is what you learn about a person that will keep you attracted. Do you like his personality, the way he makes you feel, the way he smells, the way he interacts with your friends, family, and so-on. Is h…

The Widow's Oil

As this day has gone by I have had struggles with fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. I can barely recall a smile and I have only just sung for the first time today... that was only to aid my children in sleep. The small voice of my most common visitor rang in my head for the most part today repeating, I have had enough... I have had enough... I have had enough... This is a voice that I am usually able to defeat with a simple prayer, however, today, I related to this voice, I sympathized with it's words, and I truly had begun to feel that enough was enough.

I said a bad word this evening... yes.... in the sense of profanity! God please forgive me and guys please pray for me!
I knew that I had breached my everlasting contract with God and this action was something that I would have to face so I decided to nib it in the bud at that very moment. I knew I was overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, and irritated above all but it was no reason for me to allow my to…

Alright, Alright... It's gonna be alright...

Usually when I write, I write to the tempo of a song. It helps to keep the flow consistent and the rhythm smooth. What does this matter anyway when the underlying emotion beneath the music is pain? Well it matters because it encourages me to push out the concerns of my heart without missing a beat. Yes it will be alright, and I will make it through even this darkest night. Some of the darkest times come into my life when I realize that God is pushing me to do something that will ultimately change the rest of my days and/or even my life. But it will be alright... right?

In the shadow of my faith lies the meekness of a human One that whimpers at the thought of a race not yet ran or have come to be in tune with Till the end it seems every effort made has become a struggle to be endured So why cry now, when there will be plenty of time for that, rest assured It will be a trial that awaits the summon of one great juror Who's voice will convince the bench as a unit that the guilty will…

Spool in the Word & Heart of a Kite...

When I think of the cool breeze that opens the door for Fall to enter into the Summer skies, my mind reflects back into childhood with seeing the kites in the sky and no kid in site. The strings would stretch for what seemed like miles, thus, triggering the mind to go on a big discovery to find the source. It would be such an achievement to discover the neighborhood kid that held the spool attached the the particular kite at close comfort... these were the great moments of being a kid...

Now that I am thinking back on those days.... other than admiring it for the beauty it brings to mind, I also think of how willing we were to allow the Kite to float so far away from it's source that sometimes it was a struggle to bring it back in. Why not establish that control, especially when it's given? The control of the spool is right in your hand... why did the kite have to get caught in the tree or nose dive into the ground? Why not keep it a safe distance from the spool so that it coul…

Something About the Name Jesus...Encouragement

No matter the things that I am going through, no matter the way that I am feeling, no matter the pains that I may be dealing with... if I can just bring myself to call on Jesus' Name... I am immediately provided comfort. With this being said, if you notice, I emphasized that "if I can just bring myself" to call His name, I am immediately provided comfort. 
Why does it seem so hard to call Jesus' name in times of discomfort?
1 Peter 5:8 Be alert and sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
It is not anything of your doing that makes it so hard to look to God in trying times. Satan rejoices in times of your suffering. Your discomfort, pain, and struggles draws Satan like a lion to it's prey and he will amplify this emotion making it hard to think of anything else! So it is important to get into the habit of calling out to Jesus in the smallest of things so that when times get really tough you will be able to &qu…

Even if you don't know how...just pray

I have overcome many obstacles in my life. Before I knew God I thought that I was the sole reason for the accomplishments that I had made in my life, the battles I have fought and won in my life, and the success of my life. But one day that was all taken from me and I was left with nothing. I felt that I had lost the world and everything that I had obtained within it. The rags that were left behind weren't even valuable enough to trade for food and the nice vehicle I had owned sat daily in the driveway because I was unable to fill any gas. The cable was disconnected and the internet was turned off. I had already read every book in the house so there was no place to turn for a distraction. I would sit out on my back porch at 2AM watching the neighbors drink themselves silly and the dogs running around in the yards of neighbors. I felt that I couldn't live like this anymore... I had nothing left Or so I felt I was lying in bed one night and picked up a the Holy Bible that was gi…

Proverbs 6:6 Vlog


Depression is real but so is God

I am on my 10th round with the spirit of depression and neither one of us seems to be willing to give in...I have rested, read my Bible, prayed, gone to the gym, taken long hot baths, indulged in my favorite television show or watched a comedy and he just won't leave me alone. This depression has become a heavy weight on my shoulders making me feel 50 lbs heavier on a good day. No matter the joy, the amount of accomplishments, the amount of compliments, or the uplifting from others, I feel that I am on the edge of tears! On the edge of an emotional breakdown while at the same time declaring that I am alone, I am useless, I am forgotten, I am anxious, I am everything but okay. 

This is depression... Depression is also the key to the door that holds every negative thing that has ever happened and it holds the power to make you feel that these things happened just yesterday. This has been defined as a chemical imbalance and in some cases medications can help. I will not totally deny t…