Alright, Alright... It's gonna be alright...

Usually when I write, I write to the tempo of a song. It helps to keep the flow consistent and the rhythm smooth. What does this matter anyway when the underlying emotion beneath the music is pain? Well it matters because it encourages me to push out the concerns of my heart without missing a beat. Yes it will be alright, and I will make it through even this darkest night. Some of the darkest times come into my life when I realize that God is pushing me to do something that will ultimately change the rest of my days and/or even my life. But it will be alright... right?

In the shadow of my faith lies the meekness of a human
One that whimpers at the thought of a race not yet ran or have come to be in tune with
Till the end it seems every effort made has become a struggle to be endured
So why cry now, when there will be plenty of time for that, rest assured
It will be a trial that awaits the summon of one great juror
Who's voice will convince the bench as a unit that the guilty will turn sour and show much less purer
For that a decision need not be made
The precious tempo of the courts will falter, and in judgment, there will be no need to be afraid
But what if the guilty continued to try his efforts in hopes that the innocent will lost faith
Trapped in between the rock and hard surface, intimidation becomes heavily equate
For the fight of life and loss of faith, the meekness of the human seems to resurface
Continuing forward in this state seems to hinder all optimism, thus, now becoming a disservice
Pressed, shaken, and ran over in the difficulties of stress, 
Relief seems to be the only source countering this duress 
Will one become desperate
Will human strength prove, once again, desolate
At what point was the strategy provided through my faith laid by the wayside
When did I become so insecure in the thoughts that God tried to provide
I, instead, became so accepting of the thoughts that the world has long used in its struggle to survive
This mountain has grown so large in front of me
That I have lost the ability that God has given me to see
It has blinded me in all of it's materials of beauty that now decays into marks of fearsome disease
For I have wondered its earth, and now I know that I must be brought to my knees
For the vastness of the mountain can only be overcome by prayer and restoration
In this I will be shown the hopes of the Lord that lies in the hearts of the people of His Holy Nation
The guilty will be judged according to His will no matter my say
And the innocent, in Him, will be left to enjoy life abundantly for His name's sake


Stay encouraged and be obedient to God's Holy Word... it will be alright

The tempo I wrote to can be found here!


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