My Divorce...

Today I've been packing, moving, and cleaning as I make my way into my new place. I am so excited to be moving but even more excited to be enjoying my new blogging site next to a hot cup of tea. This may even be tempting me to buy a laptop so I can have my blog at my convenience!  My daughter asked me what are the rules of our new house...she's so cute! Obviously, it'll be no riding bicycles in the house, like she's doing now...smh.


I'm so happy that my children remain resilient in all of this chaos, they are the reason I tend to snap out of my misery so quickly. Kids are God's natural antidepressants, they will always make you smile even when you don't want to. My children smile so differently now that I have decided to place them first. If you can't change your life for yourself, doing it for your kids is worth it.
So now that my son has decided to show me that he is about to make a bad decision, that's my que!
Rule of my house:
As for me and my house,  we will serve the Lord.
Until tomorrow, enjoy your weekends celebrating all that God has Blessed you with and some upbeat gospel to really kick it into gear!


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